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Ondrej Daniel
"Vodka, Beer, Papirosy"
Eastern European Working-class Cultures Mimicry in Contemporary Hardbass
DOI: 10.14361/9783839456576-007
In this chapter, Ondřej Daniel discusses the contemporary developments of hardbass, a predominantly Eastern European electronic dance music style that emerged at the turn of the first decade of the twenty-first century in Russia and spread to different countries of the region and beyond. Specifically, the author focuses on de-politicized and commodified hardbass in relation to social class and the mutations it underwent in late postsocialism in Eastern Europe, while paying particular attention to contexts of the Czech Republic and Russia. In terms of transnational circulation, Daniel approaches hardbass as an element of cultural transfer. The resulting study is based on a multi-site research project focusing beyond Eastern Europe on the specific relationship of hardbass to the Netherlands. It interprets contemporary hardbass music videos in line with mocking colonization by the »normcore« strategies of the »middle class« hipster youth possessing cultural and to certain extent also social and economic capital.