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Sibylle Peters
How to Relate Differently: Scenes of Shared Research from the Programs "Performing Citizenship" and "Assemblies & Participation"
DOI: 10.14361/9783839457658-003
How do we relate, when we assemble, when we take part in decision-making, when we speak for each other, represent each other, when we claim our rights and fight for them? How do people start to relate differently in and through these practices? The essay responds to these questions in the light of projects from two programs of participatory art based research. The text zooms in on two scenarios: In the first one citizen research is tested as a strategy to facilitate within the conflict between the squatter community from Hamburg Gängeviertel and the city's administration. In the second scenario the African Terminal, a group of artists, researchers and migrants, is doing hands on research on seatrade and the logistics of migration trying to build alternative supply chains between Hamburg and Westafrica.