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Maurício Liesen
Becoming Common: Remarks on the (Im)Possibilities of Sharing
DOI: 10.14361/9783839457658-008
This essay presents some brief remarks about the "becoming public" of art. Public is outlined here in its most radical sense, as a Latin translation of the Greek concept of the common. The latter is understood as an open and precarious space of relations in which every aesthetic phenomenon inevitably finds itself interwoven with ethical and political issues. This means that, in the commonality of what is public, art is not only about representation but also about representativeness, that is, a political problem that does not refer to the limits of expression but rather to the occupation of a place of visibility. To expose that common sphere, three ways of relating to this public realm are discussed in the light of a theoretical field that we could call the philosophies of communication, namely, figuration, mediation, and appropriation. In short, what is proposed is to deal with an apparent paradox: that if art »exists« only when communicated, when shared in this common space between humans, than at the same time it sacrifices its status of a mere object of art.