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Billie Jean Winner-Davis, John Kiriakou, Brandon Bryant, Annie Machon
1. Whistleblowing: The Impact of Speaking Out
DOI: 10.14361/9783839457931-003
Way back in the late 1990s, Annie Machon was working as an intelligence officer for the UK domestic Security Service, MI5, when with her former partner and colleague, David Shayler, they decided to blow the whistle, thereby facing arrest and prosecution for daring to speak out about deep state crimes. Since that experience, she began strongly criticising those legal and political machinations behind the scenes and the media manipulation rising from incompetence and crime inside the UK domestic security service, in the name of the vital need for personal privacy and picturing the vested interests that roll on untouched. Her contribution brings to the table the case of Edward Snowden and an introduction to the WikiLeaks system in order to trigger awareness of the importance of having the ability to speak safely. The result is a valuable analysis on important cases of whistleblowing which emphasises their need to be protected and valued, instead of persecuted and prosecuted.