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Brigitte Boothe
Die Unergründlichkeit der Traummitteilung und die Unabschließbarkeit der Deutung
DOI: 10.14361/9783839459287-009
In this article Rainer J. Kaus devotes himself to a reading of Freud's foundational work, The Interpretation of Dreams, as structural hermeneutics. The task is to show that Freud's »dream-work« comprising 1) the work of condensation, 2) the work of displacement, 3) the dream's means of representation and 4) secondary processing, amounts to an implicit structural hermeneutics. This approach is shown to be the opposite of merely associative, arbitrary interpretation of texts and interrelated human actions and also to be related to literary hermeneutics. However, psychoanalysis encompasses also a negative hermeneutics of the repressed.