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Claudia Liebrand
Contexts of Comprehension Using the Example of Gottfried Keller's The Smith of his Fortune
DOI: 10.14361/9783839459287-015
In this chapter Stanley Corngold is dedicated to the question of Kafka's employment of hermeneutics. Kafka dramatizes hermeneutic process; in Kafka, hermeneutic process does not function as a method for producing genuine knowledge. At the same time, such interpretation is necessary, even as an act of desperation. Corngold studies dramatized hermeneutics in Die Verwandlung, Der Process, »In der Strafkolonie,« and Das Schloss. In each instance, a successful interpretation does not take place, let alone, to cite Thomas Mann's Joseph, der Ernährer, as proof of the goodness of the hermeneut who produces a pious outcome.