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Swati Acharya
»Ihr müsst mit uns rechnen, mit unserer Andersartigkeit«
Transintegrative Entgegenfahrten im Werk Irena Brežnás
DOI: 10.14361/zig-2019-100207
While the migration literature has since long dealt with the question of alterity and worked on sharpening of contours of the »Self« and the »Other«, the contemporary authors with the so called migration background tend to focus on the overlapping rather than segregating the categories of alterity. Irena Brezná's multidimensional work looks at »constructions« such »nation as Space« and the spatial category of »Heimat« in the specific German context. This paper concentrates on Irena Brezná's attempts to overcome the alleged segregation of ideological constructs like »Heimat« and the »Foreign« and how she takes a step forward in the trans-integrational direction. The paper argues with the help of her novel »The thankless Foreigner« that her conscious polemical approach towards concepts such »land of origin« and »land of arrival« no longer serve any purpose as far as the creative expression in multiple languages is concerned.