Details zu 10.14361/zkmm-2021-0108

Mafalda Dâmaso, Andrew Murray
The EU's Dualistic Regime of Cultural Diversity Management The Concept of Culture in the Creative Europe Program (2014–2019; 2021–2027) and in the Strategy for International Cultural Relations (2016–) /
Das dualistische Regime der EU im Umgang mit kultureller Diversität. Das Konzept der Kultur im Programm Kreatives Europa (2014-2019; 2021-2027) und in der Strategie für internationale Kulturbeziehungen (2016-)
DOI: 10.14361/zkmm-2021-0108
In this article, Damaso and Murray address the gap between international cultural management and policy scholarship. Based on a triangulation of textual analysis and interviews, it examines how culture is understood in Creative Europe (2014-2019; 2021-2027) and in the Strategy for International Cultural Relations (2016-). Firstly, it provides an overview of debates around the deployment of culture by the Union. Secondly, it examines changes in the term culture in the aforementioned programs. The analysis reveals that the EU's recognition of the importance of culture within and beyond its borders is not accompanied by a univocal understanding of the term - leading to a dualistic regime of diversity management. Thirdly, it reflects on the challenges that are likely to emerge if - as is planned - Creative Europe funding is used to implement the International Cultural Relations strategy, and stresses the limits of ambiguity in the international management of cultural diversity.