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Morten Michelsen
Sounds, Spaces, and Radio
Radio listening in Europe before the 1960s
DOI: 10.14361/9783839440575-003
In order to better understand how radio sound and programming contribute to cultural change and modernization until around 1960 the author suggests a tripartite conceptualisation. These are »radio hereness« (radio close by); »radio thereness« (radio's ordering and reordering of public spaces); and »radio in between« (radio combining places and spaces by making the public private and vice versa). This tripartite division supports the constant mediation between place and space by way of radio. Radio hereness is demonstrated by pointing to one of the consequences of the introduction of FM after the Second World War. Radio thereness is exemplified by a Danish broadcast about a village in Africa where speech and music are combined with other kinds of sound. Radio in between may be found in variety shows and other shows which afford constant changes in listening strategy.