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Hans-Ulrich Wagner
Sounds like Hamburg …
Hamburg-Klänge und mediatisierte Raumkonstruktionen in der Frühzeit des Radios
DOI: 10.14361/9783839440575-004
In his article (in German), Hans-Ulrich Wagner focuses on a sound document from the booming »radio times«, the late 1920s/early 1930s, that deals with Hamburg and its harbour: A special disc that promotes the »Hamburg Harbour Concert« which became a popular radio series at this time. The »Hamburg Harbour Concert« has been broadcast by the Norag since 1929 and the various Hamburg radio stations later on. This record from 1931 serves as a key source for a case study based on two major approaches. First, the study is situated in the ongoing research of an interdisciplinary working group called »Communicative Figurations« (Forschungsverbund »Kommunikative Figurationen«) in Hamburg und Bremen, thus the concept of »figurations« is employed. Second, the study on the Hamburg sound is located in the emerging field of Sound History. This means that the analysis of the historical sound document is critically reflected. With these two-folded perspectives we want to uncover the potential for both space- and sound-related historical research. The article conveys the decisive role of sounds within processes of media-related constructions of space.