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Martin Albrow
The 'community of shared destiny' under conditions of imperfect understanding
DOI: 10.14361/9783839443804-003
Martin Albrow regards the Chinese President Xi's appeal to the nations of the world to create a »community of shared destiny« as a challenge to all those, including American President Trump, who consider a future community of nations can only be based on shared values. This was a central issue for the Neo-Kantian debates on values at the beginning of the twentieth century. They suggest that values are based in the unique historical experience of different cultures and an inadequate basis for transnational co-operation. The American experience of building communities from the ground upwards and the centuries old Chinese belief in harmony based on compliance with authority impede mutual understanding. Wilhelm Dilthey's distinctions between scientific, instrumental and experiential understanding provide useful leads today. They point to the possibility of a future for humankind that depends on shared goals and technologies rather than on a single transnational set of values.