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Robyn Smith
Dismantle Imperia
DOI: 10.14361/9783839446010-021
These character designs and comics pages are from a larger project focused on critically and creatively de-centering whiteness as a standard of heroism. The bodies of superheroes, have for so long been created to look like those of white men, conflating ideas of perfection and power with their images. My drawings portray a historically informed league of superheroes to directly confront the stereotypes and lack of complexity around the construction of Black superheroes. They are centered around the historical figure, Nanny of the Maroons, a National Heroine of Jamaica, while also drawing on other histories and myths aligned with Caribbean slave rebellions, their leaders and the larger transatlantic slave trade. I have created this league not only to physically/ visually represent Black people but also represent them historically. I have created these heroes for the marginalised whose identities and experiences aren't fully substantiated.