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Hande Gurses
Teaching with Grief
An Exploration of Politics, Pain, and Power in Monsieur Lazhar
DOI: 10.14361/9783839450130-011
Hande Gurses explores in her chapter the possibilities offered within the space of the classroom via an analysis of the 2011 Canadian film »Monsieur Lazhar«. Focusing primarily on the impact that the refugee outsider has on the host community, this chapter examines the possibilities of the classroom as a space of encounter and healing. How does the displaced individual reconstruct a sense of identity? What are the limitations and possibilities that the displacement generates? Can the classroom become a space of healing? As the political and personal become intertwined, what are the pedagogical responsibilities of educational institutions? In the light of these preliminary questions this chapter provides an insight into the displaced other that is not bound by exoticisms or victimhood. Following the representations of the refugee offered in »Monsieur Lazhar« this chapter examines the role of biases on identities and how they are represented, perceived and refuted within the classroom.