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Cornelia J. Schnaars
The Spectacle of Murder. Over-Aestheticized Depiction of Death in Horror Video Games
DOI: 10.14361/9783839450512-008
Cornelia J. Schnaars examines the aestheticization of homicides in THE EVIL WITHIN 2 (2017) as a symptom of contemporary western culture's fascination with violence. As with visualizations in slow motion, so-called kill-cams, in both film and games, murder is displayed here as a work of art, bearing only little relevance for the game's narrative and mechanics. Rather, fatally wounded human bodies become audiovisual spectacles and exhibition pieces. However, by emphasizing the back of the camera in a photo shoot setting and thus exposing the viewer's gaze, the depiction of violence can be read as a critique of a culture that is inherently fascinated with violence.