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Derek Price
Damage over Time. Structural Violence and Climate Change in Video Games
DOI: 10.14361/9783839450512-010
With little more than a decade to make the drastic economic, political, and social changes needed to stop climate change, there is a pressing need to understand humanity's geological agency and to take action. This essay analyzes how four different computer games can help us re-frame the problem of climate change as a form of structural violence which intersects with other forms of systemic oppression. Through games like Anno 2205 (Ubisoft, 2015), Imagine Earth (Serious Brothers, 2014), Fate of the World (Red Redemption, 2011), and Thunderbird Strike (LaPensée, 2017), this essay argues that computer games can allow players to act systemically and collectively and to reflect on approaches to fighting climate change both »from above« and »from below.«