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Natali Panic-Cidic
On Character Analysis and Blending Theory. Why You Cried at the End of THE LAST OF US
DOI: 10.14361/9783839450512-013
In this paper, the framework of cognitive narratology is used for character development analysis of Joel in The Last of Us. In particular, I will account for the high emotional bond between the player and the character. My central claim is that this relationship depends on the plot structure and narration, traits entirely appropriate to the story-driven games genre. Applying the cognitive narratology will allow me to provide an account of game's ability to affect players perception of it. First, some of the basic concepts of cognitive narratology that are central to my investigation are introduced. Then, these concepts are used to carry out a detailed character development analysis using the framework of Blending. Finally, the analysis is linked to how players emotionally experience the game.