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Petter Dyndahl
Between Saviours and Disillusionists. (Dis -)Orientations in (Popular ) Music Education
DOI: 10.14361/9783839450581-002
This chapter addresses music education issues related to contrasting orientations towards popular music, in particular through the motifs of »saviours« and »disillusionists«. The former orientation is represented by a predominantly Anglo-American tendency to ascribe an important role to popular music in the renewal of music education content and methods. This tendency is often linked to the idea and application of informal music education. The latter orientation refers to a long-standing Scandinavian practice of including popular music in music education, which, however, has led to doubt regarding its merits. In the critical opposition, the notion of musical gentrification is particularly emphasized as an approach to popular music that differs significantly from the informal music education paradigm. Following a review and discussion of both approaches, the chapter concludes with considerations of the prerequisites in order for music education to adapt amidst social and cultural instability and polarization. From this perspective, popular music must inevitably be seen as part of both the powers and dangers of music education.