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Dan Ward
Making a Killing
Science Fiction Through the Lens of Nordic Noir in Crocodile and Hated in the Nation
DOI: 10.14361/9783839452325-011
Dan Ward focuses in his chapter on the conspicuous influence of Scandinavian crime fiction in two of the series' most evocative episodes. Crime stories originating from Northern Europe have in recent years enjoyed critical and commercial success in the fields of cinema, television and literature, spawning translations, adaptations, and even international imitations paying visible homage to the distinctive aesthetic and thematic characteristics of the form. These have become so recognisable they have evolved into a generic type of their own – »Nordic Noir«. The format has become known as much for its social and political commentary as its unique visual styling, and it is with this in mind that Ward explores the rationale, function and ultimate impact of Brooker's overt mobilisation of these conventions across the course of the focal episodes. Drawing on a range of critical perspectives on Nordic Noir and notable texts within the genre, Ward argues that the familiar social critique at the core of much Scandinavian crime fiction is co-opted by Black Mirror to bear witness to concerns around creeping surveillance and the rise of corporate technocracy in modern neoliberal societies.