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Marko Kölbl, Fritz Trümpi
Ambivalences in Music and Democracy: Introductory Remarks
DOI: 10.14361/9783839456576-001
Music and Democracy - Participatory Approaches explores music as a resource for societal transformation processes. It provides recent insights into how individuals and groups used and still use music to achieve social, cultural and political participation and bring about social change. The book gathers outstanding perspectives on the topic: From the promise and myth of democratization through music technology to the use of music in imposing authoritarian, neoliberal or even fascist political ideas in the past and present up to music's impact on political systems, governmental representation, and socio-political realities. It further features approaches in the fields of gender, migration, disability, and digitalization. Music and Democracy introduces a diversity of musical styles and political settings in various times and adds rarely discussed aspects to the topic.