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José Carlos Levinho, Thiago da Costa Oliveira, Ione Helena Pereira Couto
Virtual Ethnographic Collections
From informatization to knowledge collaboration
DOI: 10.14361/9783839457900-005
This article deals with the process of implementing tools for the digital management of the ethnographic, audiovisual, and archival collections of the Museum of the Indian/FUNAI/Brazil. Focusing on a journey that began in 1996, the article discusses the various strategies used by this museum to offer adequate services to the Brazilian indigenous peoples, including them in the process of production, exhibition, description, and management of their heritage, and using this same heritage to enforce the protection of their fundamental rights inside the Brazilian state. The main argument defended is that the sustainability of documentation and management actions for ethnographic collections is more effective when digital management resources dialog with the social universe from which the cultural assets originated.