Details zu 10.14361/dak-2021-0215

Federico Marcolini
Rewriting the Journey of the Mantua-Peschiera Railway: A Moving Experience
DOI: 10.14361/dak-2021-0215
The research presented in this article is embedded in the context of the on-going doctoral thesis titled The Mantua-Peschiera Railway: A Case Study for the Historical Analysis and Design Methodology of a Regeneration Project. The research focuses on the decommissioned railway that once connected the city of Mantua to Peschiera del Garda in the north of Italy and questions its possible future. Nowadays, the railway is not perceived as it was, because, without any specific or recognizable appearence, its few remains, such as the passenger stations, are in ruins. The historical data helped to reshape the original project of the line and its deep interdependence with its environment showing peculiar and original characters as a branch line. The author's research aims to create a possible scenario in which the former railway guarantees a continuous connection between the object and its territory within its new function as a Cultural Route.