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Benjamin Gregg
The Coming Political
Challenges of Artificial Intelligence
DOI: 10.14361/dcs-2018-0110
Benjamin Gregg regards intelligence as the human being's most striking feature but notes the absence of any consensually held scientific understanding of intelligence. The term is no less indeterminate in the sphere of artificial intelligence. Definitions are fluid in both cases. But technical applications and biotechnical developments do not wait for scientific clarity and definitional precision. The near future will bring significant advances in technical and biotechnical areas, including the genetic enhancement of human intelligence (HI) as well as artificial intelligence (AI). Gregg shows how developments in both areas will challenge human communities in various ways and that the danger of AI is distinctly political. He develops his argument in six steps. (1) He compares and contrasts artificial with human intelligence in general and (2) AI with HI genetically modified. Then he correlates and differentiates (3) emergent properties and distributed intelligence, both natural and artificial, as well as (4) neural function, both natural and artificial. (5) Finally, he. identifies the specifically political capabilities he finds in HI and (6) political dangers that AI poses to them.