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Aglaia Blioumi
Literarisierter Migrationsbegriff und Balkanmimikry als europäische Herausforderung für die Komparatistik
DOI: 10.14361/zig-2019-100210
This paper compares common narrative and writing strategies in Marica Bodrozic's german novel »Sterne erben, Sterne färben. Meine Ankunft in Wörtern« von (2007) and Gazment Kaplani's greek novel »Man nennt mich Europa« (2010). My thesis is that the perception of the narrative theme of modern migration creates common narrative and writing strategies leading to a »migratory memory of European literature«. On the level of genre the paper focuses properly on the autobiographical consistency of the texts, while on the level of the content on the significance of modern migration, the reminiscences of Communism in former Serbia and Albania and finally the Balkan and Balkanism as literary contruction.