Details zu 10.14361/zkmm-2020-0104

Paula Guerra
Other Scenes, Other Cities and Other Sounds in the Global South: DIY Music Scenes beyond the Creative City
Andere Szenen, andere Städte und andere Geräusche im globalen Süden: DIY-Musik-Szenen jenseits der kreativen Stadt
DOI: 10.14361/zkmm-2020-0104
Creative cities have been the subject of extensive debate. One of this debate's most prolific dimensions relates to the need to take into account a sociological approach due to the interest in showing that seemingly natural or taken for granted categories are, in fact, contingent and constructed. Thus, this article explores how the different forms of youth involvement in underground music scenes tend to develop into do-it-yourself (DIY) careers by triggering acquired expertise resulting from a long immersion in these scenes. We start from an analysis of the representations of members of the Portuguese punk scene in DIY and examine the ways in which they experience and develop knowledge, networks and skills. Concomitantly, through a recent analysis carried out in Brazil in different underground music scenes, we examine the importance of DIY beyond punk, showing the approximation of two different musical, social and geographical universes. This focus, besides amplifying our glimpse into the Global South – outside the Anglocentric look into creative cities – serves to understand how underground music scenes are a breath of fresh air when it comes to creative activity beyond mainstream cultural industries. Founded on sensitive and informal networks based on the DIY ethos, these music scenes highlight the possibilities of going beyond economic and social experiences in contexts of endemic social and economic fragility, showing intense proliferation of underground creativity in the Global South, capable of complexifying and relativizing the commonly established concept of creative city and economy.