Details zu 10.14361/zkmm-2020-0106

Nicolae Stanciu
Creative Wealth in the Middle of Nowhere. Karaganda's Struggle for Modernization
Kreativer Reichtum mitten im Nirgendwo. Karagandas Modernisierungskampf
DOI: 10.14361/zkmm-2020-0106
This paper offers the case study of the city of Karaganda, on conceptions and improvements in the field of creative cities policies in Kazakhstan and suggests some modalities for improved development. An incipient process in considering cultural policies for promoting more attractive and livable cities has emerged in Kazakhstan since its split from the Soviet Union, but its progress is one of non-integrated paths. This is due to the absence of civil society, low involvement of the business community in tourism growth, and strong dependence on the centralized government for funding. Although policy makers have previously worked on creative city design, a lack of coherence in implementation and a lack of unity in conveying meaning to urban developers, has stunted progress.