Details zu 10.14361/zkmm-2021-0105

Hellen P. Gross, Christian Jene, Marei Hückelheim
Zentrale Qualitätsmerkmale von erfolgreichen YouTube-Kanälen bildender Künstler und Künstlerinnen und DIY-Musiker und -Musikerinnen /
Crucial Quality Features of Visual Artists' and DIY-Musicians' YouTube Channels
DOI: 10.14361/zkmm-2021-0105
YouTube offers new possibilities for painting artists and DIY-musicians to increase their visibility. So far, quality features of successful YouTube channels have not been researched for these two art forms. Applying a descriptive-exploratory approach, this paper identifies existing quality features: A comprehensive literature overview extracts and clusters quality features for YouTube. Two studies using samples of 30 YouTube channels of painting artists and 30 channels of DIY-musicians test the identified quality features by content analysis. Qualitative expert interviews validate and enrich the results for both art forms. For both groups of artists, the features technical quality, community building, target group orientation, connection to social media and appealing channel design are relevant. In addition, features were identified that are particularly important for either visual artists or DIY-musicians.