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Ordering Books

Almost all of our titles are published as both print and e-books. In addition, some titles are published as EPUB.

Like with print books, the retail prices of e-books produced in Germany are strictly binding under the German Fixed Book Price Law. Prices include the legally prescribed 7% VAT.

Just like when ordering a print book, you will receive an invoice for the e-book you have ordered.

Our online shop requires you to make your payment in advance by credit or debit card. You will receive a download link via e-mail immediately after purchase; the e-book will also be available in the digital bookshelf of your customer account.

PDF vs. EPUB / Metadata

A PDF e-book is generated on the basis of the print PDF file but contains additional bookmarks. Every PDF e-book and its individual chapters are assigned unique DOIs (Digital Object Identifiers). This makes them easy to cite in a clear and unambiguous way and drastically improves their findability on the internet.

transcript cooperates with several abstracting and indexing services (e.g. OCLC, Exlibris, Google) who aim to improve the visibility and accessibility of scholarly texts online.

In addition to that, our e-books are equipped with detailed metadata, which guarantees optimal findability and processing in libraries and online shops.

For EPUB e-books, all text and relevant data are converted into a format specific to e-books; the layout is reflowable and therefore does not necessarily match the layout of the print book. EPUB is the most common e-book format in trade publishing but is also used more and more for educational, professional, and academic titles. The formats used by the most important online retailers, such as Google and Apple, are based on EPUB, which is optimized for reading on mobile devices. Since the page layout is adaptable, there is no fixed pagination.

Copy Protection / Rights of Use

All of the e-books purchased from us are equipped with “soft” copy protection (watermarks). This is to protect our books from unlawful use while ensuring that your access to our products is as unrestricted as possible.

You are free to copy and print from your e-books without restrictions for your private use. Please note that only PDF e-books can be printed.

An e-book purchased via another outlet than our online shop may be copy-protected through other systems that determine the proportion of the text consumers may print or copy. In those cases, please check the respective applicable business terms.

Note on Purchase and Return of Goods

By ordering an e-book you do not purchase the property rights to the book, but the non-exclusive, non-transferable, spatially and temporally unrestricted right of use of the file exclusively for your private use.

It is prohibited to pass these contents on to third parties, e.g. as a gift. Please read the respective section of our business terms carefully. It is not possible to revoke an e-book order. Because the customer can download the e-book immediately after placing the order, the delivery process starts before the cancellation period begins; therefore, customers do not have a cancellation right for e-book purchases.

If the e-book file is damaged or the download after the purchase fails, please contact our sales department at order@transcript-publishing.com.

The revocation of an e-book order due to the e-book being incompatible with the system on your device is not possible. Please check the system requirements carefully before purchase and make sure that the necessary software is installed on your device. Unless your mobile device is linked to a proprietary ecosystem (such as Amazon or Apple), you can read our EPUBs on your e-reader, smartphone or tablet without restrictions. In order to be able to read an EPUB on your PC or laptop, you may require special software. Please back up your e-books regularly. In case of a loss of the e-book file, you have no claim to a substitute. You have unrestricted access to the e-books you have purchased through your virtual bookshelf in your customer account.

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