Eva L. Wyss (ed.)

Communication of Love

Mediatized Intimacy from Love Letters to SMS. Interdisciplinary and Historical Studies

By the end of the twentieth century certain new media had established themselves which have profoundly changed communication among lovers. SMS and email in particular have created new relational forms and forms of intimacy. From declarations of love on talk shows to televised dating games and marriage quiz shows, television offers a panoply of wildly popular theatrical communications of love. Does the neglecting of traditional communication media, such as love letters and the telephone, cause the intermingling of intimacy with the public sphere and hence the abrogation of it?

From the disciplines of sociology, history, cultural and media studies and linguistics, this book offers answers to this question by analyzing and discussing new media from various perspectives.

Contributions by Eva Illouz, Joachim R. Höflich, Friedrich Krotz, Helga Kotthoff, Karl Lenz, Sabine Maasen, and others.

Overview Chapters

  1. Frontmatter

    Seiten 1 - 4
  2. Table of Contents

    Seiten 5 - 6
  3. INTRODUCTION: Mediatized Intimacy.

    Seiten 7 - 20
  4. Of Rationality and Passions

    Seiten 23 - 36
  5. How Love Relationships begin. Communication Patterns in Change

    Seiten 37 - 54
  6. Intimacy in How-To Books: The Passion of Self-Change Work

    Seiten 55 - 78
  7. Intimate Communication on the Internet: How Digital Media are Changing our Lives at the Microlevel

    Seiten 79 - 92
  8. Let's Let the Devil Out! How the Public Deals with the Private

    Seiten 93 - 108
  9. Adolescent girls on the phone: The management of dating and social networking

    Seiten 111 - 150
  10. The Mobile Phone: Bringing the Private into the Public.

    Seiten 151 - 164
  11. Investigating Love Letters Across Time: Semiotic, Sociolinguistic and Cognitive Problems and Perspectives

    Seiten 165 - 180
  12. From the Bridal Letter to Online Flirting: Changes in Text Type from the 19th Century to the Internet Era

    Seiten 181 - 212
  13. Letters Between Home and the Front: Expressions of Love in World War II "Feldpost" Letters

    Seiten 213 - 236
  14. "Aesthetic Brutality" and "Boundless Candor": Mediation of Love in the Eighteenth-Century Letter

    Seiten 237 - 252
  15. Affectionate Titbits: Postcards as a Medium for Love around 1900

    Seiten 253 - 274
  16. Communicating a Message of Love through Singing

    Seiten 275 - 296
  17. The Medial Persona. Tectonics of the Medial Imaginarium

    Seiten 299 - 306
  18. Window-Dressing: Fetishistic Transactions in Fictional Prose by Oskar Panizza and Thomas Mann Claudia Lieb

    Seiten 307 - 320
  19. About the Authors

    Seiten 321 - 324
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2014-11-12, 326 pages
ISBN: 978-3-8376-2444-1

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Eva L. Wyss

Eva L. Wyss, Universität Koblenz-Landau, Deutschland

Eva L. Wyss (ed.)
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Communication of Love Mediatized Intimacy from Love Letters to SMS. Interdisciplinary and Historical Studies
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Kultur, Medien
Linguistics and Literature Studies, Cultural Studies, Sociology, Psychology of Emotions
Love, Intimacy, Linguistic Anthropology, Computer Mediated Discourse, Historical Media Studies, Media, Culture, Media Aesthetics, Cultural Studies, Sociology of Culture, General Literature Studies, Media Studies

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