Popularizing Dementia

Public Expressions and Representations of Forgetfulness

How are individual and social ideas of late-onset dementia shaped and negotiated in film, literature, the arts, and the media? And how can the symbolic forms provided by popular culture be adopted and transformed by those affected in order to express their own perspectives? This international and interdisciplinary volume summarizes central current research trends and opens new theoretical and empirical perspectives on dementia in popular culture. It includes contributions by internationally renowned scholars from the humanities, social and cultural gerontology, age(ing) studies, cultural studies, philosophy, and bioethics.

Contributions by Lucy Burke, Marlene Goldman, Annette Leibing and others.

Overview Chapters

  1. Frontmatter

    Seiten 1 - 4
  2. Contents

    Seiten 5 - 8
  3. Popularizing dementia. Public expressions and representations of forgetfulness

    Seiten 9 - 20
  4. The locus of our dis-ease. Narratives of family life in the age of Alzheimer's

    Seiten 23 - 42
  5. Deconstructing the American family. Figures of parents with dementia in Jonathan Franzen's The Corrections and A.M. Homes' May We Be Forgiven

    Seiten 43 - 68
  6. Purging the world of the Whore and the horror. Gothic and apocalyptic portrayals of dementia in Canadian fiction

    Seiten 69 - 88
  7. Narrating the limits of narration. Alzheimer's disease in contemporary literary texts

    Seiten 89 - 108
  8. The 'terrifying question mark'. Dementia, fiction, and the possibilities of narrative

    Seiten 109 - 134
  9. Dementia on the canvas. Art and the biopolitics of creativity

    Seiten 137 - 162
  10. Cultural projection of dementia in the Reminiscence Museum. Dynamics of extrapolation

    Seiten 163 - 184
  11. Opening Minds through Art. Students' constructions of people with dementia

    Seiten 185 - 204
  12. 'Zip!' Dementia materialized in clothing design

    Seiten 205 - 228
  13. Challenging representations of dementia in contemporary Western fiction film. From epistemic injustice to social participation

    Seiten 229 - 252
  14. Intercorporeal relations and ethical perception. Portrayals of Alzheimer's disease in Away from Her and En sång för Martin

    Seiten 253 - 272
  15. Dementia in the making. Early detection and the body/brain in Alzheimer's disease

    Seiten 275 - 294
  16. The meanings of early diagnostics for Alzheimer's disease in Dutch newspapers. A framing analysis

    Seiten 295 - 314
  17. Respect for autonomy? The contribution of popular magazines to the public understanding of dementia care

    Seiten 315 - 332
  18. Representations of Alzheimer's disease among non-specialists. A cross-cultural study between Paris and Boston

    Seiten 333 - 358
  19. In the company of robots. Health care and the identity of people with dementia

    Seiten 359 - 376
  20. The zero-degree of dementia. Thinking the gap between subject and substance

    Seiten 377 - 402

    Seiten 403 - 404

    Seiten 405 - 410
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2015-11-18, 410 pages
ISBN: 978-3-8376-2710-7

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Aagje Swinnen

Aagje Swinnen, Maastricht University, Netherlands

Mark Schweda

Mark Schweda, University of Göttingen, Germany

»The volume provides pieces of exciting new research on the topic, and will probably spark much follow-up. It looks back into the history of media coverage concerning dementia, it gives an insight into what is happening at the moment, and it raises many reasoned questions for the future. Besides, it not only has a normative aspect to it, but strongly advocates for the rights of people with dementia. This makes it a very useful and productive groundwork for scholars and activists alike.«
Susanne K. Christ, KULT_online, 46 (2016)
Aagje Swinnen / Mark Schweda (eds.)
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Popularizing Dementia Public Expressions and Representations of Forgetfulness
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kart., Klebebindung, 7 Farbabbildungen
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Kultur, Alter, Literatur
Humanities, Social and Cultural Gerontology, Age(ing) Studies, Cultural Studies, Philosophy, Bioethics
Dementia, Culture, Film, Literature, Arts, Media, Aging Studies, Cultural Studies, General Literature Studies, British Studies

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