Normed Children

Effects of Gender and Sex Related Normativity on Childhood and Adolescence

Gender- and sex-related norms have an impact on us from the first to the last day of our lives. What are the effects of such norms on the education of children and adolescents? Conveyed via parents/family, school, and peers, they seem to be an inseparable part of human relations.

After its favorable reception in German-speaking countries from 2014 onwards, this title is now available in English. The texts show that the traditional assumption of a dualistic, bipolar normativity of sex and gender leads to children being taught gender-typical behavior. The contributions in this volume explore the reasons for these practices and open the debate on the divergence between the prevailing norms and the plurality of different life plans. In addition, the book helps to disengage the topic of sex and gender from a hitherto narrowly circumscribed context of sexual orientation.

The contributions point the way towards a culture of respect and mutual acceptance and show new methodological as well as theoretical approaches, e.g. by introducing the figure of the continuum, so that, in future research projects, more than just the two sexes and genders of female and male might be considered as a new normality.

Overview Chapters

  1. Frontmatter

    Seiten 1 - 4

    Seiten 5 - 8
  3. Introduction

    Seiten 9 - 14
  4. Always Gender - Always Different

    Seiten 17 - 38
  5. Human Diversity: To the Detriment of Norms

    Seiten 39 - 44
  6. Gender Identities and Human Rights

    Seiten 45 - 56
  7. The Gender Issue, a Question of Non-Discrimination

    Seiten 57 - 60
  8. The Concept of Human Gender: Its Epistemological and Ethical Impact

    Seiten 63 - 80
  9. The Art of not Being Categorized Quite So (Much)

    Seiten 81 - 94
  10. Who has a Disorder? Who gets to Decide?

    Seiten 95 - 112
  11. An Unusual Way of Addressing Sex/Gender

    Seiten 113 - 120
  12. The Sex of Knowledge: Sexuated and Gendered Anatomy

    Seiten 123 - 136
  13. Determining Sex/Gender: Genes and DNA Precisely Do Not Predict the Development of a Genital Tract...

    Seiten 137 - 154
  14. Cuba: A Revolution of Sexualities, Sexes/Genders and Bodies

    Seiten 155 - 164
  15. Trans-Children: Between Normative Power and Self-Determination

    Seiten 167 - 188
  16. Hormone Treatment of Transsexual Adolescents

    Seiten 189 - 196
  17. Genetic or Biological Trans Parenthood: Dream or Reality?

    Seiten 197 - 206
  18. Intersex/Gender-Related Constitutiveness: Specific Realities, Specific Norms

    Seiten 209 - 228
  19. Intersex: Medical Measures on the Test Bed

    Seiten 229 - 244
  20. Intersex and Human Rights

    Seiten 245 - 256
  21. Medical Resistance to Criticism of Intersex Activists: Operations on the Frontline of Credibility

    Seiten 257 - 270
  22. The Parent-Child Attachment and its Influence on Children Developing beyond the Binary Sex/Gender Norm

    Seiten 273 - 284
  23. Transmitting Gender Competence in Biology Teacher Training

    Seiten 285 - 296
  24. Prisoners of Lexicon: Cultural Cisgenderism and Transgender Children

    Seiten 297 - 312
  25. Educational Activities: From Binary to Gender-Plural Approaches

    Seiten 313 - 338
  26. Transidentity and Puberty

    Seiten 339 - 348
  27. Optimism, Happiness and other Cruelties from a Conference on Sex/Gender Norms

    Seiten 351 - 364
  28. Authors

    Seiten 365 - 370
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2018-10-11, 370 pages
ISBN: 978-3-8376-3020-6

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Erik Schneider

Erik Schneider, Psychiater und Psychotherapeut Freiberufler, Luxemburg

Christel Baltes-Löhr

Christel Baltes-Löhr, University of Luxembourg, Luxembourg

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Normed Children Effects of Gender and Sex Related Normativity on Childhood and Adolescence
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Gender Studies, Medicine, Biology, Law, Ethics, Educational Sciences, Philosophy
Diversity In Gender, Childhood, Medicine, Law, Ethics, Education Studies, Gender, Education, Gender Studies, Educational Research, Youth, Sociology of Family, Cultural Studies

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