Thumb Culture

The Meaning of Mobile Phones for Society

Mobile communication has an increasing impact on people's lives and society. Ubiquitous media influence the way users relate to their surroundings, and data services like text and pictures lead to a culture shaped by thumbs. Representing several years of research into the social and cultural effects of mobile phone use, this volume assembles the fascinating approaches and new insights of leading scientists and practitioners. The book contains the results of a first international survey on the social consequences of mobile phones. It provides a comprehensive inventory of today's issues and an outlook in mobile media, society and their future study.

Overview Chapters

  1. Frontmatter

    Seiten 1 - 4
  2. Contents

    Seiten 5 - 8
  3. Foreword

    Seiten 9 - 10
  4. Introduction

    Seiten 11 - 20
  5. Is the cell phone undermining the social order? Understanding mobile technology from a sociological perspective

    Seiten 23 - 36
  6. The social and economic implications of mobile telephony in Rwanda: An ownership/access typology

    Seiten 37 - 52
  7. Postal presence: A case study of mobile customisation and gender in Melbourne

    Seiten 53 - 66
  8. The age of the thumb: A cultural reading of mobile technologies from Asia

    Seiten 67 - 88
  9. Communication problems

    Seiten 89 - 100
  10. From teenage life to Victorian morals and back: Technological change and teenage life

    Seiten 101 - 114
  11. Emotional attachment and mobile phones

    Seiten 117 - 122
  12. The mobile phone and the dynamic between private and public communication: Results of an international exploratory study

    Seiten 123 - 136
  13. The role of interspace in sustaining identity

    Seiten 137 - 148
  14. The mobile phone as technological artefact

    Seiten 149 - 160
  15. The mobile telephone as a return to unalienated communication

    Seiten 161 - 170
  16. Mobile communication and the transformation of daily life: The next phase of research on mobiles

    Seiten 171 - 182
  17. Facing the future, changing customer needs

    Seiten 185 - 188
  18. Loading mobile phones in a multi-option society

    Seiten 189 - 198
  19. Mobile mania, mobile manners

    Seiten 199 - 210
  20. Your life in snapshots: Mobile weblogs (moblogs)

    Seiten 211 - 224
  21. Designing the future: Fables from the mobile telecoms industry

    Seiten 225 - 234
  22. The future of mobile in the 3G era

    Seiten 235 - 250
  23. Mythology and mobile data

    Seiten 251 - 258
  24. People, mobiles and society. Concluding insights from an international expert survey

    Seiten 261 - 288
  25. Notes on Contributors

    Seiten 289 - 293
  26. Backmatter

    Seiten 294 - 295
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2005-10-27, 296 pages
ISBN: 978-3-89942-403-4

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Peter Glotz (verst.)

Peter Glotz, Universität St. Gallen (2000-2004), Schweiz

Stefan Bertschi

Stefan Bertschi, Strategie- und Kommunikationsberater, Schweiz

Chris Locke

Chris Locke, AOL und GSMA Development Fund at GSM Association (GSMA), Großbritannien

Reviewed in:, 1 (2006), Jennie Bristow
Information, Communication & Society, 8 (2007), Matthew S. Vorell
Book title
Thumb Culture The Meaning of Mobile Phones for Society
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kart., Klebebindung
Commodity Group
SOC052000 SOC022000
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Medien, Technik, Zeitdiagnose
Sociology, Media/Communications and Cultural Studies, Technology Studies and Anthropology, Business, Marketing, New Media
Mobile Phone, Mobile Media, Communication, Culture, Society, Media, Technology, Diagnosis of Our Time, Digital Media, Sociology of Media, Sociology of Culture, Media Studies

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