Mathilde Bessert-Nettelbeck

Mathilde Bessert-Nettelbeck is a behavioral biologist and has worked in science communication and public relations. Within the cluster of excellence "BrainLinks – BrainTools" at the University of Freiburg, she develops and curates participatory projects and events that operate at the interface of science and art and aim at promoting an ethical and societal reflection on neurotechnology.

transcript-Publications in the Research Fields: Philosophy, Philosophy of Science, Technology and Nature

Publications in the Series: Science Studies

Web: University of Freiburg


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Science, Art and Neuroethics
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Release date: 2019-11-27

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Science, Art and Neuroethics

Transdisciplinary Collaborations to Foster Public Engagement

How can the mutual exchange between scientists and the public succeed? The anthology examines the ludic-ethical role of art in public engagement efforts.

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