J. Daniel Dahm

J. Daniel Dahm, born 1969, is member of the Advisory Board of the Federation of German Scientists and member of the German Association of The Club of Rome. Besides various other engagements he is ambassador of the Association for the Promotion of the Economy for the Common Good and curator of the Utopia Foundation. 2000 he achieved the Schweisfurth-Research Award for Ecological Economics. Over many years he worked closely together with the nuclear physicist and alternative Nobelprice laureate Hans-Peter Duerr and co-author with him and the philosopher Rudolf Prinz zur Lippe the Potsdam Manifesto 2005 and the Potsdam Denkschrift as follow-up of the Russell-Einstein-Manifesto from 1955. As fellow he worked at the famous Natural History Museum in London on Diversity of Life and also his work at renowned Wuppertal Institute for Climate, Environment, Energy. 2010 he founded United Sustainability, a sustainable investment and consultancy company. With his work he is focused systematically on sustainability and its economic, spatial and cultural dimensions. He is specialised on the interrelations between biogeosphere and anthroposphere particularly on finance markets and investments, sustainable infrastructures as renewable energy systems, market dynamics and commons-based economies, as well as sustainable economic development from the global North to the South.

transcript-Publications in the Research Fields: Geography, Social and Cultural Geography, Sociology, Sociology of Economy, Organization, Labor, and Industry, Sociology of Science, Technology, and Environment

Publications in the Series: New Ecology

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