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In the Research Unit IPSE – Identités Politiques Sociétés Espaces at the University of Luxembourg, researchers address topics of social relevance. Particular emphasis is put on the analysis of social and cultural identity construction processes.

transcript-Publications in the Research Fields: Cultural Sociology, Cultural Studies, Cultural Studies, Ethnology and Cultural Anthropology, European Ethnology, Sociology

Publications in the Series: Culture and Social Practice


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Doing Identity in Luxembourg
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Release date: 2011-06-24

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Doing Identity in Luxembourg

Subjective Appropriations – Institutional Attributions – Socio-Cultural Milieus

»Doing Identity« under globalized conditions: This volume investigates socio-cultural milieus in the unique society of multicultural Luxembourg.

Book Chapter

  1. Doing Identity in Luxemburg


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  4. Backmatter

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  5. Doing Identity in Luxembourg


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  7. Authors

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