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transcript is one of Europe’s leading independent academic publishers. We focus on publishing in cultural studies and the social sciences, in history, philosophy, and in cultural management. We offer more than 100 series and release about 400 new German- and English-language titles every year. Our backlist catalogue includes more than 3,500 titles in print and digital formats.

We were established in Germany in the late 1990s in order to provide an editorial service for innovative and critical research, and this commitment has formed our unique and broad yet well-balanced program that contributes high-quality publications to the latest debates in various academic disciplines. Along with classical scholarly formats we also publish stimulating essays that find significant audiences beyond the academic sphere.

Since our very beginnings, one of our main aims has been to give innovative content an unmistakable look – a maxim of which our design team has never lost sight. This investment that distinguishes us from most other publishers in the field is not just a gesture of respect to our authors and their projects but also part of our commitment to make every single new release special and unique.

We believe that academic Open Access publishing is more than the processing of data and the filling of archives and repositories. All of our e-books and their individual chapters are assigned unique DOIs (Digital Object Identifiers) and benefit from rich bibliographical metadata, making them easy to cite in a clear and unambiguous way and drastically improving their findability on the internet. Our continuously growing Open Access Library also uses the social annotation tool PaperHive to great effect.

One of our greatest strength is our commitment to an independent publishing culture and programme direction, free from all and any interference of corporate interests. Thanks to our London office and our wide range of international partner presses, such as Columbia University Press in North America and Pluto Press in the UK, our international programme continues to grow year by year.

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