Note for author purchase orders

Important note: Discounts on orders from our online shop can only automatically be applied for returning customers. For new customers we are obliged to perform a discount eligibility check before the first order is completed. In order for us to be able to retain your discount eligibility for future orders, it is necessary that you create a customer account.

If you would like to have a discount applied to your first order, please choose ‘invoice’ as payment method. Once your order is processed you will receive your book(s) along with the correct invoice, reflecting any applicable discounts.


E-Book purchases: Please note that an author discount can only be applied to your e-book purchase if you have already created a customer account whose discount eligibility has been confirmed. If you order an ebook without being logged in to such a customer account, it will not be possible to apply a discount retroactively.

If you would like to apply an author discount to your e-book purchase, you will hence have to create a customer account first (noting the details of your own transcript publication). We will be in touch soon after to confirm your discount eligibility. Once this has been done it will be saved in your customer profile, and you will be free to use the author discount for all your future orders.

Apply for author discount

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