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In co-operation with our book service partners, our agents, and our national and international distribution partners, our sales team ensures an inclusive and exhaustive distribution of your publication to book shops and online retailers.

Our English-language publications benefit from the global distribution of our e-books but are also available as print books via our ever-expanding international sales network with outstanding partners in New York and London. Our partners Columbia University Press (North-America and overseas) and Pluto Press (UK and Europe) market and distribute our English-language print publications globally.

Partnership with Columbia University Press, New York

Columbia University Press Logo

  • Our international distribution through our partnership with Columbia University Press, New York, works through Columbia’s highly efficient distribution and marketing department that builds a customized marketing plan for every title.
  • Regional sales reps from Columbia University Press are based in New York, Los Angeles, Chicago, Washington DC, Toronto, and Montreal. There are an additional 20 sales reps worldwide as direct contacts for the international book trade.
  • Direct sales function via the websites of Columbia University Press, Amazon.com, barnesandnoble.com, and many more international online bookshops.
  • Every transcript title is being presented on the website of Columbia University Press with an author bio and interviews, reviews, and bibliographic data.
  • Our titles are featured in the print and digital catalogues of Columbia University Press and are marketed through twelve additional discipline-specific leaflets as well as more than 200 regular print and digital mailings annually to an international mailing list including researchers and scholars, lecturers, students, libraries, museums, universities, and other institutions.
  • We benefit from regular advertisements through Columbia University Press for selected titles in widely read media such as the New York Times, Wall Street Journal, Time Magazine, and many more daily newspapers, magazines, and academic journals.
  • Columbia University Press dispatches review copies of selected titles to diverse media contacts.
  • Columbia is present with a book stall at more than 50 international fairs, conferences, etc. every year.
Partnership with Gazelle Book Services Ltd. in the UK

Gazelle Logo

  • Gazelle Book Services is an independent distributor with over thirty years' experience in supplying the UK and International book trade.
  • Their clients comprise of wholesalers, high street chains and independent booksellers, museums and galleries, specialist shops and online retailers.
  • They also market directly to universities, academic libraries and journals.
  • The Gazelle sales team as well as representatives in Europe have long-standing relationships with key retailers and online sellers, giving the books global outreach.
  • Every transcript title is being presented on the website of Gazelle Book Services Ltd. where it can be ordered directly.
  • transcript titles are featured in the print and digital discipline-specific “Gazelle Academic Catalogues”.
  • Gazelle creates subject targeted sales material and applies social media as a tool to promote transcript titles.
  • Support of academic events and conferences.
E-Book and Open Access Distribution

We maintain a wide network of globally leading distributors, aggregators, and suppliers that make our digital publications internationally available. Our digital Open Access publications are actively distributed all over the world.

Thanks to our partnerships with De Gruyter, Preselect and some of the largest library aggregators worldwide such as CoreSource Fulfillment, Dawson, ProQuest (EBSCO, EBL, Ebrary, MyiLibrary), we are part of an efficient network supplying the international library market. Through these content aggregators we ensure that our publications reach libraries around the globe. Our partners offer tailored purchase options to their library clients such as patron-driven acquisition, package purchase, purchase of individual chapters, pick & choose, or loan models. Our e-books are therefore available worldwide under the locally applicable market conditions (invoicing in local currency, etc.). Open Access dissemination: We distribute our Open Access e-books with the same dedication as our non-OA e-books, although the former are additionally available via specific OA platforms such as OAPEN. Thanks to an OAI interface, our web platform is a harvestable repository from which metadata is fed easily into the most important global repositories, which ensures the widest possible reach for your content.

User statistics prove the success of our proactive Open Access strategy. We offer our authors the greatest possible transparency regarding the effectiveness of our marketing activities and our distribution infrastructure.

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