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»Lean« und »agil« im Büro
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»Lean« und »agil« im Büro

Neue Organisationskonzepte in der digitalen Transformation und ihre Folgen für die Angestellten

Büroarbeit am digitalen Fließband oder neue Humanisierung der Arbeitswelt? Der Umbruch in der Angestelltenarbeit bedarf der bewussten Gestaltung.
  • Team

    Publisher   Programme / Publication Enquiries   Project Management Online / Media / Design   Production   IT Sales / Marketing   Administration     Publisher Dr. Karin Werner Publisher Editorial Director Roswitha Gost Publisher Art Direction Programme / Publication Enquiries Michael Volkmer Deputy Editorial Director Subject Areas: Sociology,...

  • Series and Journal Cooperations

    We work hard to promote our authors, editors, and partner institutions on their way to outstanding visibility and reach. One proven path to a continuous, positive presence in your subject area is that of a book series or journal editorship. Our series and journal editors are responsible for the thematic framework and overall quality of their series’ volumes and journal issues, while we ensure a high-quality production and presentation, a smooth publishing process, and a strong...

  • Publication Formats

    Academic publishing has been subject to profound change in recent years. The publishing landscape has become much more diverse and has irrevocably turned towards the digital. We meet this new development with great openness and understand hybrid publishing as the most effective mode of research publishing today. Therefore, almost all of our titles are published as both print and e-books. We continuously follow the highest quality standards regarding our titles’ looks and physical...

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