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Regulating Transitions from School to Work
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Regulating Transitions from School to Work

An Institutional Ethnography of Activation Work in Action

An exploration of how biographical transitions in activation programs for the young unemployed are regulated, focusing on the interactive accomplishment of activation work.
The Work That Plants Do
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The Work That Plants Do

Life, Labour and the Future of Vegetal Economies

Using diverse case studies, this volume presents plants as both a vital economic force and a basis for new forms of resistance to capitalist logics
Nationhood at Work
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Nationhood at Work

An Ethnography of Workplaces in Montreal and Brussels

This book examines how nations are made on a daily basis by exploring the intricacies of everyday life in the workplaces of bi-ethnonational cities.
Creating Learning Spaces
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Creating Learning Spaces

Experiences from Educational Fields

A selection of studies chosen by the author to illustrate formative and inspirational moments from his years as a dedicated teacher and father.
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