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Refugee Routes
40,00 €

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Refugee Routes

Telling, Looking, Protesting, Redressing

Drawing on historical and contemporary examples of refugee routes, this book shows that invisibility can be countered by looking, silence by telling, extirpation by surviving, inequity by redressing, and uprooting by re-rooting.
Academics in Exile
35,00 €

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Academics in Exile

Networks, Knowledge Exchange and New Forms of Internationalization

A profound uncovering of motivations, networks and experiences of displaced scholars, the challenges they face and opportunities that may arise in exile.
Prizing Debate
ab 44,99 €

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Prizing Debate

The Fourth Decade of the Booker Prize and the Contemporary Novel in the UK

Anna Auguscik analyses the Man Booker Prize and its impact on a novel's media attention profile in relation to other participants in literary interaction.
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Zur Appropriation von Texten und Büchern in Büchern

Nur alter Wein in neuen Schläuchen? Diese Haltung greift mit Blick auf die Wiederauflagen bereits existierender Texte, die neue Fragen nach Autorschaft und Original aufwerfen, zu kurz.
Precarious Alliances
ab 34,99 €

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Precarious Alliances

Cultures of Participation in Print and Other Media

The volume probes the potential of the concept of participatory cultures for examining past and contemporary forms of collaboration in print and other media cultures.
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